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Nokia showing irresistible interest in Windows Phone 7 Mango apps

nokia windows 7According to a testimony, US have finally declared that Nokia will pay developers so that they can create Windows Phone 7 Mango applications.

The information  is thought to be extracted from a popular news channel CNN which averts that, ‘Nokia is attempting to woo app developers with such incentives as pre-installing their software on the forthcoming phone, prominent promotion for their products and funding development of an app, according to three people involved in the negotiations.’

Microsoft’s remark  on the claim is yet to come.However if the company’s track record is taken into consideration, then its more likely that the report CNN broke out is definitely true.

Evidently nothing is wrong with incentivising app growth for one of your platforms, infact it’s a great way to take the initiative.But one thing that will be a question mark for everyone is, What made Nokia do this? I mean there are numerous applications already serving the Windows Marketplace. As a matter of fact, it is propagating even faster than the Google’s Android Market for now.

When CNN encountered with one of spokeswoman from Nokia, this is what she had to say:

‘the company offers app developers a variety of incentives, some in partnership with Microsoft, which include coding assistance and marketing.’

She added more by saying: ‘We do not disclose these arrangements, as each is different.’

One of the presumptions could be that Nokia is trying to get its Symbian developers to swap over to Windows Phone 7, making the deal less pungent. Now that surely makes some sense since, its a matter of time when Symbian would be amongst least favourites.

nokia mango win 7 apps

Nokia’s very first batch of Windows Phone 7 Mango handsets are thought to emerge in Q4 of 2011. Rumors are buzzing around that the very first handset, significantly the Sea Ray, could be arriving as early as next week.

As mentioned in one of our previous blogs, Microsoft is offering free phones, developer tools and training to all those stranded developers who have been affected by WebOS burial by HP? Pretty generous isn’t it?

Similarly Nokia is following on the same lines but in a different way. So let’s have our fingers crossed and wait what this brings for Nokia in future.

Though Nokia do have to declare a verified release date but as ZTE, HTC and Samsung have announced their respective handsets publicly, we look forward as to when Nokia would soon join in with them.

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Well, this makes it official – we’ve raised $2 million in Series A funding from Draper Investment Company, High-Tech Gründerfonds and Mr. Klaus Wecken, co-founder of KHK Software AG.

Raising this sort of money from a group of such respected investors can certainly be seen not only as a vote of confidence, but also as a sign that we’re on the right track.
We’re especially excited that this fresh influx of funds will help accelerate our expansion, as we have already generated more than $2 million in revenues since April 2010 and now have more than 900,000 users, with an additional 15,000 new users a day. And our FriendCaller app is one of the most popular iPhone apps – ranking among the Top 15 free social networking apps.

Much has clearly happened since the idea for C2Call was born back when our CEO Martin Feuerhahn and CTO Michael Knecht traveled the world on projects and found that each region seemed to have its own solution. That made it impossible to communicate with partners and customers on one platform. They came up with C2Call and FriendCaller to solve that issue.

Now, even someone’s grandma can use FriendCaller because we have what we always set out to develop: a free, easy-to-use and straightforward solution. By making calls free over any Internet-ready device, and by enabling social media and other sites with integrated digital voice communication, we are just getting started.

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No Chance for illegal apps – Google introduces Androids new “licensing service”

Thats how it works!

Google announced that there will be a licensing service for applications in the Android Market Place to shield that Apps can be copied and spread without charges.  That way Google reacts on the sustained criticism of many developers that it is to easy for users to exchange apps illegally.

In the future the licensing service will synchronize the data with the Google server to detect if users are legitimized to use the software. If the opposite is true the app will withdraw the service.

So you can be glad that the FriendCaller App, which enables you free international calls, is for free!

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Is it reasonable to use an iPad on the beach?

Apples iPad

IPads have an overheating protection. If owners use their iPads in the sun it will naturally heat over the recommended operating temperature range of 35 degrees. Then a warning notice appears and the computer shuts off to cool down.

One would imagine that this sounds quite usual due to the fact that it deals with a very small CPU cooler in a very slim tablet pc. So far, so good.

Despite, three iPad owners try now to sue Apple in a class action, since they have the opinion that the product cannot be used under normal weather conditions. Moreover they claim that they cannot use it in the daytime as an E-Book-Reader owing to the daylight.

Who will be on right in court remains to be seen. But at least there is an opportunity to cool down the iPad in a timely manner. However users have to stick around a kitchen therefore.

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Apple has been collecting iPhone-user locations secretly for 3 years

Apple uses the location services to improve their ads!

Apple agrees that they have collected their users locations since 2008.  It is admittedly possible to disable the location services, but after changing the configurations no application can use the service anymore. The collected data shell be used for the advertising service iAd to tailor ads to single users. More precisely to show the users ads containing shops nearby. This hits all Apple products with location service, even Mac-Computers.

Whether this way of doing  is legal will be decided in court.

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