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Good or Bad? iPhone 5 Will Not Support Simultaneous Voice and Data

iPhone 5

According to Verizon wireless, the iPhone 5 will not be able to support simultaneous voice and data on LTE newtorks. This comes in contrast to the other LTE phones awaiting in line for Verizon, all of which support voice and date despite the inclusion of LTE.

Since Apple says that Sprint and Verizon will be offering the same version of the iPhone 5, so Sprint’s phone will not support simultaneous use either.

According to an Apple spokes person,

“iPhone 5 supports simultaneous voice and data on GSM-based 3G and LTE networks. It is not yet possible to do simultaneous voice and data on networks that use CDMA for voice and LTE for data in a single radio design.”

Verizon’s other LTE phones all offer simultaneous voice and data use over LTE.

AT&T’s iPhone — which uses GSM technology rather than CDMA — does allow for simultaneous talking and web surfing.

A Sprint representative confirmed that the simultaneous use of voice and data over LTE will not apply to its iPhone 5.

Planning to get an iPhone 5? Which carrier will you choose?

Source: Mashable

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