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See How Easy it is To Use FriendCaller

Here is step by step quick review of how to use FriendCaller! 

Click and Register FriendCallerClick to Register and create a new account. You must have a valid email address, or login via Facebook Connect. Your email address will become your Friend Caller ID.


Click and generate CallMe-Link

After registering, you will receive access to your personal CallMe-Link. You can share this link via Facebook, Twitter, Email, etc.


Confirm your FriendCaller account

By confirming your email address, you can make free FriendCaller-to- FriendCaller calls, and free calls through your CallMe-Link. You can even make cheap calls to landlines and mobile phones all over the world.


Free Group Video Chat with FriendCaller

With your FriendCaller ID, you can use all FriendCaller products for free. For example, use call forwarding to your desired phone if you are offline, or don’t want to receive calls.


Check out internet based BrowserPhone

Check out our internet-based BrowserPhone and make calls quickly and easily from your computer.


Do you have an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad? – Our FriendCaller app was featured in the iTunes Rewind 2010, and is available from the Apple App Store.

Do you own an Android device? Download FriendCaller VoIP app for Android from the Google Play.

Have a Nokia Series 40? Use the built-in setup wizard!

Discover all of products and start calling your friends around the world for free!

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FriendCaller For Facebook – An Ultimate Social Experience!

FriendCaller for Facebook
We made Facebook FriendCaller App so that you don’t have to switch between other social apps to stay connected with your friends. With FriendCaller, social networking experience is much simple and defined now.

Check out how you can make your social networking experience with your Facebook friends even better!

    • All you need is to sync your Facebook Friends into your FriendCaller Contacts list and ask them to sign in via FriendCaller BrowserPhone. No sign up required!
    • Another way to connect with your Facebook friend is via CallMe-Link. Activate your CallMe-Link in FriendCaller and share it with your Facebook friends. When your friend clicks it, call will start immediately.
    • If you are using iOS or Android device your Facebook Friend can always send you the push notifications and you will never miss a call even when you are offline……Isn’t it awesome?

So, start revitalizing your social experience with FriendCaller from today!

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C2Call Launches SDK in Private Beta for Mobile App Developers

FriendCaller SDK

Today, almost 5 years later, C2Call is proud to have more than 10 million registered FriendCaller users across all popular mobile communication platforms; including Apple iOS, Android devices, on Facebook, and on all Desktop browsers. Our FriendCaller users enjoying daily a wide range of advanced communication features such  as Group Audio & Video Chat, Text Messaging (SMS), Rich Media Messaging, Location sharing with Multi-lingual support.

On its 5th Anniversary, C2Call has planned to launch its SDK in private beta for Mobile Application Developers. With the launch of its SDK, C2Call will provide developers the access of “one-click” video calling, voice and messaging functionality that was only previously available through FriendCaller. By integrating C2Call’s technology into their mobile apps, developers will now be able to have their users communicate across multiple apps, on different platforms using rich communication functionalities.

C2Call’s SDK will provide mobile app developers with rich features such as:

      • Group Video Chat, Voice Conferencing, Personal US Number, Caller-ID, CallMe-Link, Texts/SMS and Rich Media messaging such as photo, video & location sharing.
      • Multi-lingual support for English, Spanish, German, French, Italian and Chinese languages.
      • A Smart Dialer that provides direct access to the device’s native contacts or phone book.
      • Real time online status of your users across different platforms.
      • Fully scalable cloud-hosted communication servers support.
      • User account, social graph management and all required back end infrastructure.

C2Call’s SDK is scheduled to launch under private beta in April 2013. The SDK will be offered free of charge to developers, who will also receive free cloud hosting services and monetization capabilities as part of the SDK. Mobile app developers interested in participating in the private beta should register at www.c2call.com.

C2call SDK & API

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555 – 5 iPhone 5 Giveaways With C2Call Turning 5!

C2Call turned Five


Its been 5 years since the pioneer of one-click communication technology, C2Call came into existence! Introducing to the world its flagship product FriendCaller, which is used by more than 10 million users now!

FriendCaller’s cross-platform technology has outrun many other VoIPs. FriendCaller iOS apps for  iPhone, iPod touch and iPad had been listed amongst the Top grossing apps in iTunes Rewind 2010. FriendCaller’s  BrowserPhone and Facebook app is preferred by millions of people worldwide and the popularity of FriendCaller Video Chat can be figured out by the number of downloads Google Play has recorded so far.

FriendCaller have won the hearts of millions with its amazing All-Features-In-One tendency. FriendCaller users all over the world are benefiting from HD Group Video & Audio Calling,  Text Messaging (SMS), Rich Media Messaging, a Real Phone number, Caller ID and CallMe-Link, Free Video Conferencing with up to 7-LIVE Video participants and additional 20 members for voice access; and many more!

Since its C2Call’s fifth anniversary, C2Call decides to offer FriendCaller’s communication features to all mobile application developers in form of a Software Development Kit (SDK) with cloud hosting services. The celebration is also accompanied by announcing 5 Giveaways of iPhone 5.

How to participate? Its easy!

  • Look out for your favorite apps where you would like to see FriendCaller features (contact info can be found on iTunes and Google Play).
  • Contact  the developer via email and make sure to include us in your emails at:

The best FIVE recommendations will receive an iPhone 5 each. So guys hurry now to send email and be one of the Five!  ;-)

Register for the SDK and API Now!

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A Phone Number for Your FriendCaller Account

FriendCaller Phone Number
Do you know with FriendCaller, you can make calls worldwide it will appear as if they were sent from your Personal Phone Number. You can do this easily by setting up your Caller-ID.

Yes! FriendCaller is more than just a Video Chat app. Along with its standard features of Video Calling, Video Chat and Group Video Chat, you can also get a real phone number any time and turn your Browser, Android and iDevices into a real phone. A personal Phone number for your FriendCaller Account is easy to get and there are lots of benefits to use it as well.

What’s inside in this feature?

Having a phone number for your FriendCaller Account means that you have a second line to make calls. FriendCaller turns non-cellular devices such as iPod touch and iPad into a real cell phone and lets you enjoy free incoming calls  and text messages.

What it offers?

The benefits of using FriendCaller number as a second phone line is, you don’t have to pay any extra charges. Everyone in the US will be able to call you at local carrier rates. Cost of calls to landlines and mobile numbers is as extremely economical (1st month is FREE for all). You can make calls to your Facebook friends too and can also share your number on Facebook so that your friends can call you back!

How it works?

No matter where you are, using FriendCaller’s Phone Number, you can make calls to mobile phones or landlines and stay in touch with your loved ones any where in the world.

See how much you are missing? We guarantee the other service providers you know, won’t be offering so many features, and yes there are no strings attached in getting your personal US number from FriendCaller. Enjoy calling freedom worldwide!

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