And The Spooky Winner Is….

The Halloween Contest ‘The Trick is on Us, The Treat is For You!‘ has been closed. Huge thanks to everyone who participated, we were thrilled by the response to the contest. The winners have been sorted out so cross your fingers and hope that you are among the lucky winners.

Fc Halloween 2013 winners for  blog

Congratulations guys!  All the winners have been topped up with FREE minutes; so, who you gonna call?

Stay tuned for more contests and giveaways coming your way!


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Winner of ‘Question of the Week’ Number 47

Here’s FriendCaller’s 21st winner for Question of the Week Contest. Give a big round of applause to Misha Khan!


Misha is walking away with up to 1000 calling minutes of Free credit, that she can use to call land lines and mobile phones across the world.

You can also become the next Weekly Winner by answering this week’s question (as shown below). Just click the button at the end & make sure you get maximum number of “Likes” on your answer.

Good Luck!

FriendCaller 22nd Question of the Week

Click to Answer This Week’s Question

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FriendCaller Celebrates 4150 Android Device Support and 11.5m Users!

Woo Hoo! FriendCaller announces a new mile stone today! It now supports 4150 Android Devices. Get your FriendCaller from Google Play today & enjoy a sublime 7-way Video Calling experience along with Rich Text Media. Hurry!


According to a recent survey; FriendCaller is not only progressing on iOS devices but also growing rapidly on Android devices. We listed down Top 5 User Cities Using FriendCaller Facebook Application illustrating how FriendCaller Application is  gaining vast attention on its Facebook platform too!

Today we are more than pleased to announce the availability of our FriendCaller app for Android has shot up to 4150 Android device count with 11.5 million users today!

FriendCaller User Count 11.5M history

Thank you for your overwhelming response. Keep us informed on FriendCaller UserVoice, your feedback is valuable and we assure with your help and our efforts, we will make FriendCaller soar high!


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Best Halloween Ex-FEAR-ience is back with a BOO!!

This Halloween all our Friendly-ghosts are in for a trick yet again. Before you know, the first holiday of this season will be here and you will definitely want to give a “shriek-out” to all your friends. So here’s the deal; we are giving you absolutely FREE (oh no not candies) minutes. BOO anyone and anywhere in the world through FriendCaller.


The steps to win these FREE-ky minutes are simple:

Visit the album “CaLLiNg ALL SpoOoKeRs“.

Tag as many friends as you want on the creepy images, the more friends you tag the higher the chance to win through a random draw.
Winners will be awarded FriendCaller voucher codes worth 100, 200 and 500 minutes of FREE calling.

If you are lucky enough in the dungeon of spirits you will receive your voucher code within 48 hours. I told you to pick trick didn’t I? Don’t let this fang-tastic offer slip.

Stop thinking, spread some goose bumps today!

A Ghost of a Chance

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FriendCaller Welcomes Perch – The Always-on Video Portal

FriendCaller welcomes Perch - the always-on Video Portal

Today we’re excited to announce that Perch is now ready to be downloaded onto your iOS device.

Perch uses the C2Call platform to create an always-on video portal. A similar experience to FriendCaller, Perch lets you stay connected with the people you talk to most.

Head over to the App Store as soon as you can and get it on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch immediately!

Introducing Perch:

Perch is a first-of-its-kind platform that we truly believe bridges the culture gap, improves the way teams collaborate and brings the promised value of video communications to reality.

Instead of rambling on and on about Perch in this blog, we decided to make a video for your viewing pleasure.

Head over to the blog once you’re finished watching to get all the juicy details about how to bring Perch into your office.

Enjoy and Happy Perching!



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