Out now: FriendCaller on Nokia S40 devices

Recently we announced it, now it’s available: FriendCaller on Nokia Series 40 devices.

Finally, also Nokia users benefit from inexpensive and worldwide VoIP calls with FriendCaller.

So, VoIP on Symbian, does it make sense? Even if you think, that the most mobile web users are surfing with iOS (iPhone) or Android, in fact, in some parts of the world, in case Africa, Asia and South America, Nokia’s Symbian is still the leader. For deeper media coverage check out Pingdoms article about mobile OS usage in the world.

Back to topic, the usage of a VoIP service on your Nokia S40 device seems to be a bit difficult, so we give you a short “how-to”:

Follow these steps to use FriendCaller on your Nokia Series 40 Device:

  1. Open Menu
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Choose Connectivity
  4. Click on Internet phone
  5. Then on Accounts
  6. Add new
  7. Connect and you are getting guided by the setup wizard
  8. Now you can choose FriendCaller from the list.
  9. Login with your existing FriendCaller Account or create a new one
  10. Next time you make a call, choose Internet call and you are calling via FriendCaller.


In this Nokia Wiki you can immediately see if you have a compatible Nokia Series 40 device.


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