Now possible: FriendCaller SIP over other applications

It was the top voted topic by 50 votes in our feedback forum: SIP over other applications. Some time ago we started with the development of this significant user request and now it’s done.

sip_phoneFirst of all, what does SIP stands for?

SIP, which is the “Session Initiation Protocol,” in IP telephony a commonly used protocol.

SIP is a request-response protocol that closely resembles two other Internet protocols, HTTP and SMTP; consequently, SIP sits comfortably alongside Internet applications. Using SIP, telephony becomes another web application and integrates easily into other Internet services. SIP is a simple toolkit that service providers can use to build converged voice and multimedia services.

Due to the fact that each SIP client is different, we only specify the following parameters:

  • SIP Domain:
  • SIP Proxy:
  • (Standard) SIP Port: 5060 (used both for UDP and TCP)
  • Username: <your at registered email>
  • Password: <your FriendCaller password>

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    Sip Signal
    March 10, 2011 at 16:53 #

    SIP is characterized by its proponents as having roots in the IP group reasonably than the telecom trade though many different VoIP signaling protocols exist. While the H. 323 VoIP protocol has been traditionally more related to the ITU, SIP has been standardized and ruled primarily by the IETF. The two organizations have endorsed both protocols in some fashion.